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A Scientific Strength Breakthrough
In a 2013 study, researchers at West Texas A&M did a study on a relatively unknown compound extracted from pine needles, 1-Andro. Little did they know that the results would turn the muscle building world on its head. The researchers were blown away by the speed and efficiency at which 1-Andro burned crazy amounts of fat, added lean muscle, and increased the strength of the subjects. Needless to say, the subjects of the test got jacked in 4 weeks! All from a little-known ingredient found in pine needles, called 1-Andro.

Not only did participates averaged adding an incredible 150 lbs to their lifts, but they also gained a solid 10.4 lbs of hard, dry muscle while losing around 4.4 lbs of body fat – all in four short weeks! [1]

The test showed that 1-Andro is fast, cheaper, and better than anything else at changing your body.
Make females want you and males jealous of you.
Strength 1 formula doesn’t stop just by using the rare 1-Andro, discovered by the scientists. Strength 1 is takes already impressive results produced by 1-Andro and supercharges it with E.P.I.C.!

Elite Peak Intake Complex (E.P.I.C.) is a specific matrix of 3 powerful absorption enhancing compounds. With E.P.I.C. more 1-Andro will circulate through your veins ensuring optimization of the effects of the 1-Andro.

The result? More muscle, less body-fat, more strength, more head turning, and more attention. The exact results you deserve.  
Results From Guys Like You
“Normally, I bench 225 lbs for four. On the second week, I inclined benched 275 lbs for two and flat benched 275 lbs for four and put up 315 lbs. What’s crazy is I have insane skin tearing pumps that I haven’t had like this in a very long time.”
- Brad (Toledo, OH)
I noticed some detail coming into my upper chest and shoulders, something I've never had before. I started the run weighing 236 lbs, and after 3 weeks I put on 11 lbs of lean muscle.”
- Cirilo (Folwer, CA)
  Restore, Recover, Replenish  
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Workouts are no joke. Your body breaks down to build back up. Fusion will hep your body do it better, faster, and stronger. That’s why we are including Fusion for free with every purchase! 

Fusion is packed full of the strongest ingredients that will amplify your recovery. Formulated with over 11g of Amino Acids, Fusion packs a secret weapon for rapid hydration, Coconut Water Powder. Fusion restores and replenishes your body with key compounds to help you make constant gains!

Fusion is on the house for a limited time, a $29.99 value completely free.
30 Day Money-back Guarantee
Strength 1 was formulated to give you the head turning results. That is why people who take Strength 1 get ripped and jacked in weeks, not months. The guarantee works just like this: If you’re not happy with Strength 1.. If you’re not getting asked what’s your secret.. If you’re not noticing changes in the mirror.. If you don’t break your current personal records.. Contact us! Because if you’re not getting the gains you crave, we will give you your money back with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Plus, you get to keep the Armor 8
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