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Results like that sound to good to be true. However, researchers at West Texas A&M will tell you that it's not. Strength 1 features the ingredient they used in their study where the users were gaining lean muscle, losing body fat, and gaining strength FASTER than illegal steroids. Do you want to transform your body quickly? 
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"On the second week, I inclined bench 275lbs for two and flat benched 275lbs for 4 and put up 315lbs." 
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Strength 1 is the current most effective oral anabolic. Formulated with E.P.I.C. you will feel the effects of the product within 24-48 hours. Your strength, reps, and pumps will start increasing. Feel like a god and get insanely huge in the shortest amount of time possible. If you want to go from being a person who gets sand kicked in your face on the beach to a beast that turns all heads. The kind of person that guys wish they would be, and the kind that hot women want to have sex with, Strength 1 will give you the muscle and testosterone to be beast. When your done with full cycle, not only will you be big and strong as hell. You will be ALPHA!
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